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Classes in 2018


Two-Day Intensive: Science of the End of Times with Shaykh Ahmed Saad

Thursday November 29 & Friday November 30, 2018 || 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM || U of A CAB, Room 243

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ spoke about signs that would indicate the coming of the Day of Judgement, but how important is this knowledge to the way we live our lives? Should we be fearful of what is to come, or should our study lead us to be hopeful? Join us for a two-day intensive with Shaykh Ahmed Saad, who will guide us through this often difficult and misunderstood subject. We will be using Habib Abu Bakr Al-Mashhur’s pioneering work, An-Nubdhah As-Sughrah, translated into English by Shaykh Ahmed Saad himself. No registration is required. All are welcome to join!

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A Blessed Visit: Shaykh Abdullah El-Haddad

Friday October 5 - Monday October 8, 2018 || Calgary & Edmonton

We are excited and happy to invite you to visit Shaykh Abdullah El-Haddad, who will be visiting Canada from Fes, Morocco. He will be in Calgary & Edmonton for a series of gatherings of remembrance.

Shaykh Abdullah el-Haddad is a master of the inward and outward sciences of Islam. He was classically trained in Islamic sciences from the world’s oldest university, the Qarawiyyin. He spent decades as an inspector, supervisor and teacher for the ministry of education in Morocco. He was given permission to take students according the Shadhili tariqa by his teacher Shaykh Ali al-Budaylami, a direct student of the great reviver of the Shadhili tariqa, Shaykh Ahmed al-Alawi.

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To Be with the Beloved ﷺ

Every Wednesday, September - April 2018 || 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM || U of A HUB Prayer Space

“Behold the Light that has whelmed existence, and see nothing else: you will soon arrive!” —Shaykh Muhammad b. al-Habib

Please join us for a weekly learning circle to reflect on the life and character of the Messenger of God: Muhammad ﷺ. This class is taught by Dr. Shelby Haque.

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